5 ideas for a stylish winter outfit

5 ideas for a stylish winter outfit

We love winter for its snowy days, but sometimes it can get so cold that it forces us to sacrifice style and elegance in order to feel comfortable and warm ...

Certainly winter has not gone down for good, but he makes his first timid visits these days. Since shop windows are already dressed in their winterwear, let's take a look to get ready for the following weeks.

But the bet we should win here is to combine elegance with comfort and warmth in the garment of our choice.

So let's look at our pieces, colors and combinations.



The dress that combines a fur coat, whether it be a cardigan or a vest, automatically gets points. With such a piece you can make a casual dress look romantic and elegant. Pair it with a skirt or dress or of course with denim pants now that our temperatures still allow it.

Dresses are not just for summer. Whether you like it, fit your style or even see a showcase you like, be sure you can achieve a stylish, romantic and sexy style with it. If you really feel that you can support it, dare combine it with beautiful cozy gaiters.


How do you get the idea for a fluffy, warm sweater with a combo skirt? Their combination gives us a sweet, youthful and particularly romantic result.

Choose a white sweater, a black mini leather skirt, black tights and a pair of black low boots. Otherwise, if you're more excited about the color, try a more creamy sweater, paired with a burgundy pencil skirt, black tights and black low boots, as before.


Another way to enhance your everyday style with romantic and elegant touches is neutral colors. Combine your favorite neutral colors into a sweet look. Beige creams, pastel colors and other soft shades can give you the result you want. Complete your look with gaiters or tights.


Another option is the turtlenecks, which we may seem to be talking about early on, but we have learned time to dive. So check out the result with a black fitting turtleneck, high-waisted skirt and black high-heeled shoes.


By Dr Angel

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