Chocolates with carob flour and white chocolate coating!

Chocolates with carob flour and white chocolate coating!

Carob flour, together with carob honey are of the most popular products of the precious carob. Here we recommend a simple surprise recipe that suits the tastes of vegan too.

Without sugar, with carob, tahini and white chocolate couverture ...



- 50 g hazel
- 3 tbl. carob flour
- 1 tbsp. tahini
- 2 tbl. honey
- 150 g white chocolate couverture



Put all the ingredients - except white chocolate - into the multi mixer - and beat them until they are homogenized.

If we have a special silicone mold we share our blend there. Otherwise, we create balls with our hands and put them on one surface to get into the refrigerator. There we leave them for an hour to tighten.

Melt the white chocolate into a bain marie. It helps to break it into pieces first, to melt faster.

Pass our chocolates of white chocolate and let them drain on a grill.

Carefully remove them from the grill and put them in the refrigerator for one hour. We want to cool and tighten the white chocolate.

The color contrast of the content with the coating of white chocolate will excite you. Enjoy them!




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