Cod with rice, spinach and dill

Cod with rice, spinach and dill

It belongs to the category of fish that are susceptible to many different culinary techniques. So, if you like white sardine fish then you have a wonderful recipe adapted to the needs of the season for light and cool food.


Ingredients for 4 portions 

650g fillet of cod

200g tender leaves spinach

150g leek

3 cloves of garlic (grated)

6 tbl. olive oil

1-2 tbl. butter

20g Dill

300ml fish or seafood broth

80g feta cheese crushed

½ lemon cut into 4 small slices



- Mold the rice in cold water with 1ts salt, for 5 minutes. Then rinse and strain it.

- In the meantime, we weat the spinach in hot water, so it withers.

- Season the spinach and rinse it with cold water to keep its color and strain it again. Salt slightly and leave it aside.

- Cut the fish in slices of about 50 grams and dry it with kitchen towels.

- Sprinkle it with a tablespoon of olive oil and fry it - on high heat - on a non-stick wide pan for about two minutes. Remember, fry only from the skin of the fish.

- Add the butter and continue frying until the skin becomes crisp and golden.

- Remove the cod from the pan and transfer it to a dish.

- After washing and cleaning the leek, cut into sticks.

- Heat the remaining oil in a saucepan and sow the leek for about one minute or until it gets colored. Add the garlic and mix.

- Then add the strained rice to the pot and add the dill (finely chopped).

- Mix the mixture and add it and salt slightly.

- We expect the rice to boil and lower the heat. Cover and let the broth absorb the broth, for 5 to 8 minutes.

- Add the spinach and fish fillet on top and cover again with the lid for about 4 minutes. We want the fish to cook well.

Serve our meal with a little dill, grated feta and lemon!



Few more about cod…

In the 1990s, overfishing of cod led to an inevitable dramatic decline in its population. But today, thanks to the toughest measures taken, its Atlantic population, which is also the main sea of its catch, has re-emerged.

Many fish farms are certified by the International Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) to ensure the species's viability. So if you buy cod origin from those parts, select them with the MSC mark.

source: Food & Travel 11 Μάιος 2019

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