Dinkel flour - why should we include it to our nutrition

Dinkel flour - why should we include it to our nutrition

New trends in nutrition have emerged in recent years, which are increasingly enriching our dietary choices.

However, many products that gain popularity and become "must" nowadays have a long history that we usually ignore. Dinkel flour, one of the healthiest flour, belongs to this category.


Its story

Dinkel flour is produced from a cereal belonging to the same family as our known wheat, but it is a different species. Its use goes back centuries, initially in the Near East, as the archaeologists call the area we now call the Middle East. It then expanded to Europe, where the 20th century was replaced in almost all areas by common wheat bread.

This cereal is known in Germany as Dinkel and in many other parts of the world as Spelt

Towards the end of the 21st Century, Dinkel began to re-cultivate organic farming, since it requires fewer fertilizers. This, of course, is not the only reason for the reputation that this grain has acquired in our days.


What elements make it stand out

Like all kinds of wheat, Dinkel flour contains gluten. However, compared to its relatives is much easier to digest. Its benefits do not stop here, because for a number of reasons it has a great nutritional value. In addition to the other, this hard bark makes its crop more efficient and protects it from dirt.

Compared to other cereal species, the protein content is much higher. It has been calculated that Dinkel contains 10% to 25% more protein than other wheat varieties. Of course, here we are talking only in averages, because the content depends on the time of harvest and generally the conditions of the environment in which it is grown.

This flour offers many vitamins and a high percentage of fiber. In particular, it contains iron, copper, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, selenium, potassium, vitamin B6 and folate (B9).
It is worth noting that Dinkel flour is highly soluble in water, so nutrients are easily absorbed by the human body.


Where to find it

To buy Dinkel flour products you need to go to organic shops or order them online. The good news is that you can find also ready-made bread, cakes, and other Dinkel-derived products. If you choose a product that combines Dinkel and cocoa flakes, then you can have a great product for you and your child.


Aggeliki Koskeridou

Holistic Doctor – Counseling Psychotherapist

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

MSc Health Psychology


insta: dr_aggelikikoskeridou_official


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