Egg, nutrition value and cholesterol

Egg, nutrition value and cholesterol

Eggs are considered one of the best foods in our kitchen. They are cooked in many ways, combined with many foods and are an essential ingredient for savory and sweet recipes.

They are a source of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, and while eating a large egg we only get 72 calories. However, eggs should be eaten in a balanced diet, as they also have some nutritional disadvantages that we should take into account.


It is widely known, especially to those who exercise and desire to acquire muscle, that the egg is the predominant source of protein. A large egg contains 6 grams of protein (3.5 grams in the egg white and 2.5 grams in the yolk). The egg protein contains the amino acids our body needs to carry out its necessary functions. For women, one egg covers 20% of the required protein intake in the day, and for men 17%.

Beyond the protein, the egg is one of the sources of choline. It is an ingredient - a vitamin category - that has been discovered decades ago and is thought to be a key ingredient for brain function, but also for other body functions. In particular, a large egg contains 147ml of choline, that is, 27% of the amount needed daily for males and 35% respectively for women. The eggs also contain selenium, a metal necessary for thyroid function, as well as vitamins B 2, B 5 and B 12.



Some people, despite the beneficial properties of the egg, will have to mitigate their consumption. The eggs are rich in cholesterol. Specifically, a large egg contains 185ml of cholesterol, or 62% of the necessary intake daily.

This means that people who have high cholesterol levels in their blood should be very careful and consult their doctor to protect their body from the risk of heart disease. However, it is worth noting that cholesterol is found entirely in the egg yolk, so eating white sugar ensures that you do not get unnecessary cholesterol.

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