Jackfruit, a new advent in vegan habits

Jackfruit, a new advent in vegan habits

It is a special fruit unknown to the general public that is expected to stun impressions especially in vegan cuisines. In fact, it is not another fruit. And we will give you the reasons.

To say initially that jackfruit is simply big does not correspond to reality. It is the largest fruit on the planet, as it can reach up to 35 kg! It is cultivated in South America and South-East Asia and has been described as 'miraculous cultivation'. The reasons are its size and its resistance to pests and drought.

From his image one finds a peculiar - unusual in our own eyes - hard, green crusty bark. Usually, of course, it is not marketed in this form, but canned in mainly Asian shops. Its hard crust succeeds its soft interior with a distinctive onion smell, sticky texture juice and seeds with a flavor that reminds something between pineapples and pear. Undoubtedly fruity!

Its nutritional profile is also impressive. Researchers have suggested that it could replace wheat, maize and other key crops that appear to be affected by climate change. But what makes it unique is its ability to mimic the flavor of pork on various dishes, especially spicy, as well as being an alternative source of protein.

It has been replaced in various dishes in US and British restaurants, taking the position of pork in the baos (fumed twists) as well as in the burritos and tacos recipes. The difficulty of distinguishing the customer if it is meat or fruit is great! The impressive thing is that in London shops it used years as a substitute for pork, but rather held as a well hidden secret of chef ...

The difference with other meat substitutes such as toy (soy) or Quorn (edible fungus) is that the jackfruit is consumed unprocessed, so the chances of including chemical or other substances are very limited. It is therefore a better quality substitute for meat, which is expected to bring it to the top of the vegan choices.

source: www.theguardian.com



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