OLON All4Therapy offers a scholarship to all students!

OLON All4Therapy offers a scholarship to all students!


The Pioneer in Recognition in the Holistic Therapy and Psychotherapy sector

OLON TRAINING pioneers once again giving a full scholarship to all its students on the occasion of its 7 years of successful operation. OLON Education serves as a recognized lifelong Learning Center offering vocational and academic training in 1 training program for specialties in the areas of:

• Holistic Health

• Psychology

• Positive psychology

• Synthetic counseling

• Synthetic Psychotherapy


• Holistic Nutrition

• Holistic Herbal Medicine

• Clinical Suspension

• Chinese Medicine

• Electropuncture

• Spa Therapist & Management

• Holistic Therapy OLON IASIS ™

• Counseling Psychosomatic Health & Wellness

• Antiaging Advisor

• Traditional Usui Reiki

• Flowers Back

• Iridology

• Yoga and others


OLON TRAINING is the leading provider of education and training as a lifelong learning center certified by the Ministry of Education (EOPPEP) which cooperates with Universities in America and Europe to provide Recognized Academic & Vocational Education in one international program. Running 7 years of successful operation and offering innovative educational services, it supports all levels of modern and asynchronous education with quality and reliability. Dr. Angeliki Kokeridou, Director of OLON Education, answers all the questions about the Alternative Holistic Therapists and Psychotherapists.

The curriculum of OLON EDUCATION ensures complete attendance and specialization in the field chosen by the student. They stand out with supervision, practice and continuous academic support from experienced trainers and therapists because few days or months of training and education in the form of seminars is not enough for the student to practice internationally.

The professional titles that a student can receive are:

  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Diploma of Studies
  • Analytical Score
  • Prize of Excellence,

while the academic titles are:

  • Diploma
  • Higher National Diploma (HND)
  • Associate Degree
  • Bachelor of Science / Arts
  • Master of Science / Arts
  • PhD & Doctorate.


The aim of OLON EDUCATION is to graduate experienced and excellent therapists. Multi-part event, continuous support between student-educators, understanding of the individual needs of the adult learner, flexibility in the way of attendance and monitoring, reliability and scientific background, but also continuous development and upgrading of the faculty based on the needs and demands that arise.

Highly demanded programs are Naturopathy, Holistic Nutrition, Holistic Herbal Medicine, Synthetic Counseling Psychology, Synthetic Psychotherapy and Holistic Therapy, OLON IASIS ™, which is also a global patent with excellent therapeutic results and is taught exclusively in OLON EDUCATION. Specifically, every OLON program is unique and highly structured, including always additional courses from the ones defined by the largest international clubs and specialty organizations so that OLON graduates can secure the maximum opportunities and opportunities in the field of Health & Wellness.

The studies can be conducted either in touch on the campus in branches of Greece & Cyprus, or online and at a distance in the form of e-learning, always of the same quality internationally in Greek and English for non-Greek speakers. There are no prerequisites for a student to be included in OLON EDUCATION; love and the desire to offer therapeutic work is enough to be successfully admitted to the school because the school OLON TRAINING provides full education and training that the student needs to learn to become successful and experienced therapist.

Our contented graduates and students from various countries like Greece, England, Scotland, America, Germany, Cyprus, Italy are the proof of the quality and the confidence that every day takes on OLON EDUCATION.

Our gratitude is always bestowed on all those who trust us and this year, celebrating the 7 years of successful operation, full-time scholarships are offered to prospective students of OLON EDUCATION.


Thank you!

For more information, call us to 2152151990, 2312311990

or email us to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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