5 tips to get your own style

5 tips to get your own style

Whether you are a woman who is fond of fashion in your everyday life, or not, every morning you will surely spend sometimes on what clothes to wear. Especially if you work in workplaces where dressing code matters, then it will certainly matter a few minutes longer.

Here we will give you five basic tips, so that this problem becomes an interesting game, which will even highlight your physical and personal qualities.

So make sure what’s your style and then things will get easier, while the result will excite you.

1st. Find what fits your color tones

It is essential to know what colors matches you better. If, for example, you have physical warm tones and skin that tans easily, and dark blond or light brown hair, then you go to the shades of yellow. The color of your hair and eyes can also help you orient yourself properly in the colors that suit you.

2nd. Not all clothing matches all body types

We have certainly noticed women who may not have the best proportions, but they are impressed by their style. This is because they know what suits them, choosing clothes that highlight their skills. But how do we discover this?

Although each body is unique, there are some standards on which some basic body types are based, and are mainly related to shoulder-to-waist ratios. Here we will deal with the three of them.

If you have a proportion of your body, a wider waist (an apple body ), then wear clothes that will not take eyebrows at this point in your body. Choose V- Neck T-shirts and avoid bulky jumpers or sweatshirts. Prefer bell pants or boot cut.

If you have a wider periphery ('pear' type), emphasize your shoulders. Avoid tight trousers and pencils skirts; wear dark colors from the waist and down, while on top prefer light shades.

Again there are body types that do not have particular curves (rectangular body). The belt at the narrowest point of your waist is a way to create.  Short jackets, sweatshirts and dresses will also help by giving the body the face of the hourglass body.


3rd. If it fits you right, then buy more than one

The reasoning is simple, and we would better say that it is mainly trousers or sweatshirts, not jackets or anything else that is usually more "pricked" in price. So you try on a pair of jeans that make you great? Do you reckon that it will take you out of the difficult situation of 'what do I put every day'? Then take away something else if necessary, and buy two of these pants. If you can get them in different colors, that’s even better.

4th. Do not follow trends collectively

Of course, it is neither wrong nor bad to keep track of fashion trends. But do not hurry to assimilate them. On the one hand, what is fashionable does not necessarily suit us; on the other hand, it usually takes a reasonable time to digest a trend. Therefore, it is good to filter what’s play on the headlines or launch on the tv or else, and choose what serves best.

5th. Organize your wardrobe

Get into the process of organizing your wardrobe and doing a strict cleansing. Check again what it does or not fit you, based on what we have written above about the body type, the colors and the clothes that serve you. Examine if you miss something and spend your money targeted. You never know, in your closet might discover clothes you had forgotten, which in the end might save you from some extra expenses.



Aggeliki Koskeridou

Holistic Doctor – Counseling Psychotherapist

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

MSc c. Health Psychology


insta: dr_aggelikikoskeridou_official 

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