The heart of Constantinople at a glance!

The heart of Constantinople at a glance!

Holiday moments, a road trip and a moment of carelessness and freedom give you the impetus to make a decision.

An instant thought was enough to decide to cross the border of Greece to Constantinople (or Istanbul). It was the enthusiasm of the moment, I thought, or that inner need to visit the place of our ancestors ...

We book tickets on our way to Turkey, we find the right hotel and the adventure starts. This innocent thought, how good it would be to go to Istanbul, coupled with our spontaneity, was behind this journey and what followed.


By car to Alexandroupoli

We are getting ready to cross the border. You see, it's the first time traveling outside Europe to a muslim country, during Easter. Part of how much you hear from time to time, especially this recent incident that caused hundreds of dead Christians in Sri Lanka. It is an experience, however, and it is worthwhile to live it, so we have reached the border.

'Passports please'. 'We have IDs only'. 'That's OK' we listened and we breathed relieved. As the journey is several hours - at least 6 with the wait for border control - I start taking pictures anything that seems interesting in my eyes.

First stop and the only thing not missing is tea. At last I think, a country that serves tea instead of coffee. Generally, I prefer to avoid coffee, as opposed to the majority of Greeks. It's very 'Yang' for my temper. Continuing the journey and getting closer to Istanbul, the excitement combined with the cultural shock becomes more and more intense. Skyscrapers, groomed streets and large imposing buildings, so many distinct differences a few miles away. The future of a country is revealed in front of us and we are staring at the window. Several photos, but how to reflect a photo, what the eyes can see...

The first picture crossing Istanbul

The special architecture and the symmetrical form in the buildings is gracefully enforced all the way. Scouting, the city lights are on and the arrival ends at 9 am the Resurrection. Suitcases and hand luggage with us and we enter the first taxi. 'Tango Hotel Maltepe, please'. This is in the Asian side of Istanbul, so we have to cross the bridge and the Bosporus. Let's be told, and start thinking about what the Asian side might mean. I just hope it's a safe area. About an hour later we arrived at the hotel and the enthusiasm continued to be high despite the fatigue of the route. The hotel is great. The hotelier gives us room on the top floor. 'We upgrade you to the 19th floor'. Wonderfully they all started, the room was fantastic and comfortable, but fatigue was too much and sleep was necessary to continue tomorrow dynamically to the Queen of the Cities.


Destination number one, of course, Hagia Sophia

We leave the hotel and start searching for the route. By asking the first passers-by we realized that they are tourists too, and they tell us to follow them. On our way to buy our tickets, they urge us to go along with their own card. As we discuss all the way, we reach our destination at Eminomu.

They come out with us and walk outside their destination to show us how to take the ship to pass across to Hagia Sophia. Their kindness really surprises us. We greet them, they take a card full of paths from their bag and give it to us. Their gesture was so 'warm' and positive. So we accepted the first gift that Constantinople brought us generously, making us feel that we are home.

Boarding, getting off, walking, tram but the most important saying that served us by asking you to go to Istanbul and we arrived. Impressive, surrounded by very green and beautiful flowers, was waiting for us. Yet another surprise on the way was the presence of City to boost her hospitality. As we walk by talking to each other, a young man seems to hear us and enthusiastically approaches us. He is a student studying Greek in order to learn ancient. With great joy he accompanies us to Agia Sophia speaking Greek, tells us his story and his Greek roots. We greet him and expect our entry into our history.

Little wait with the fast track ticket and the moment of the meeting arrived. Coming into a cold shiver you permeate and wonder, the cold you feel if it is from the marbles or from your psyche that has been looted. Rather the question as we walk all of Agia Sophia and only 2-3 frescoes can be found. You look at the walls and you seem silent and choosing. A silence that you feel is about to break, but you do not know when.


By leaving, silent, we left it there in Hagia Sophia. Seeking a source of vital energy, we find a beautiful boutique with syrup and Turkish sweets. We do not miss a chance, taking off our shoes, we have traditionally sat in the Fatih district. A little rest and then in the City shopping and tasting tastes. Interestingly, we pulled a shop where, behind a low glass, a woman made large pies and cooked them traditionally. The sequel included a walk at Gulhane Parki, a flower garden just below, discovered by chance.


Places to visit

The continuation of the days a little classic for those who travel Istanbul. Visit the Spice Market, the Grand Bazaar or Kapali Carsi, the Blue Mosque, the Dola Bahchès Palace, Taksim Square, shopping as well as traditional sweets and food at every opportunity!

These were just moments from our five-day stay in Istanbul that can give us a little touch of our experiential journey. Strong contrasts, different images and indelible moments await our reconnection.

It may have been several years since our ancestors who left the city, but she, in one way or another, will always be engraved in our hearts!


Aggeliki Koskeridou

Holistic Doctor – Counseling Psychotherapist

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

MSc c. Health Psychology

insta: dr_aggelikikoskeridou_official 


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