The OLON Holistic Health & Wellness Club now in Glyfada

The OLON Holistic Health & Wellness Club now in Glyfada

A new holistic approach to health is now open in Glyfada. With her rich experience, the creator OLON All 4 Therapy and Holistic Therapist - Psychotherapist, Angeliki Kokeridou , is behind the new subsidiary ALL Holistic Health & Wellness Club providing plenty of services.

It is a Holistic Health and Wellness Center that has the necessary personnel and equipment for physical and mental therapies, nutrition suggestions, yoga and facial treatments .

In detail, the center is ready to serve you with the following services :


Holistic Therapies

Advanced Homeopathy

Synthetic Counseling & Psychotherapy

Family Therapy & Couple Treatment

Holistic Nutrition

Alternative Therapies

Therapeutic Delusion – Massages

Foot Detox

Stop Smoking


Chinese Medicine - Electropuncture

Facial Treatments (Stress Relief, Rejuvance etc)

Traditional Reiki

Yoga & Pilates 

Group Therapy 


A few words about some of the Center's services

  1. Holistic Therapies

In holistic medicine, man is approached as 'totality', focuses on the body, the mind and the spirit, but primarily on the interaction between them. The main goal in holistic therapeutic practice is the right balance between the factors that make up the human being in order to achieve the best possible health and well-being, and it stands out because it has the basic principle of changing the way of life of an organism that afflicts, not directly the administration of medicines.

  1. Electropuncture

This is a method that helps to deal with headaches, digestive problems, mental illness, substance abuse (smoking cessation), weight loss, and aesthetic issues. It is the combination of a traditional method and modern technical means, through which the expert irritate the reflex points of the various organs and body functions, achieving relaxation and restoration of various malfunctions.

  1. Therapeutic Massage - Massages

Massages help improve the functioning of various body systems, such as nervous or circulatory, while solutions for aesthetics such as wrinkles are also provided. Skillful, rejuvenating, relaxing and well-being is offered through skillful maneuvers. The muscular system rests, heals and becomes flexible. It is a method of defending and maintaining our health with immediate results.

  1. Herbal therapy

Alternative therapies include herbal therapy. A vast wealth of Greek - but not only - land is at the service of people. Hundreds of studies have demonstrated the enormous effect that our herbs can have on healing, and balancing many of our body's disorders.

  1. Naturopathy

It is an integrated approach to human health issues, under an alternative prism that focuses on the underlying causes of a disease. Not only it deals with the treatment of the symptoms of a disease but with the deeper and more general picture of the patient. A basic weapon in patient-specific intervention is the proper and enhanced with certain substances (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids) to restore the desired balance.

  1. Yoga

From such a set of services focused on health, could not miss the Yoga, one of the oldest systems of holistic approach to human existence. The practices and goals of Yoga focus on inner exploration and personal development. "Key" for success on this journey is the teacher and instructor who will be able to introduce the student to the Yoga philosophy and lead him or her to the harmonization of body, mind, emotion and soul.

  1. Foot Detox

the Foot Detox , as the name suggests, involves the detoxification of the body through the feet in a natural and safe way. Through special baths harmful and toxic substances that accumulate daily are removed from the body. This process favors people with a low defense system, high pressure or sugar, as well as those using alcohol or tobacco.


OLON Holistic Health & Wellness

Lifestyle Club by Dr Angel

215 215 1990

Foivis 15,

16674 Glyfada

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