The scales are always right

The scales are always right...

The summer is here, and with it came the first getaways at the beach. However, for many or many of us, this beautiful time of the year is not as useful as it shows, as it loads us with extra pounds.

Swimming in the sea opens up the appetite and the daily exits for food or drink. In fact, the worst thing is that it's only two or three weeks to get the tricks of a whole year.

Unfortunately for us, the scales are the most invaluable judge and always tell the truth. The good news is that it can be a good ally in trying to keep our silhouette.


According to a new American survey published in the Obesity magazine, people weighed on a daily basis are avoiding taking on their holidays.

The survey was about holidays in November, December and January, as in many overseas countries people go on holiday twice a year. However, her findings are "all weather", that is, they apply to the summer holidays.

The results of the survey show that those who weighed on a daily basis, kept their weight constantly. On the contrary, those who did not do it received an average of about 2.7 pounds. Even more encouraging were the findings for those who had extra pounds. In particular, those who were overweight or obese when they were asked to weigh them every day lost weight. Those with normal weight managed to keep it.

The survey involved 111 adults aged 18 to 65, who were asked to keep their weight constant during the holiday season 2017 - 2018. Researchers observed the participants for 14 weeks. The small relative sample is potentially limiting the credibility of this study.

Certainly, however, this research clearly shows a certain trend. Suffice it to note that only US $ 70 billion is spent every year on weight loss, many of which go into controversial diets, with uncertain or even dangerous results.


Jamie Cooper, a nutrition researcher at the University of Georgia, noted that "possibly overweight or obese people were not fully conscious of their weight before the research, so they began to make healthier choices after they started weighing, losing weight" .

Sara Bleich, of the Harvard University School of Public Health in Boston, said that "although the study has some problems, since participants may not be affected by weighing, but by the directive to keep their weight, the sure is that weighing is a way to keep people conscious of their weight during the holiday. "

At the same wavelength, endocrinologist Dr Nane Stephen, a nutritionist at the Maryland University Medical School in Baltimore, said that when people set goals, they have a greater incentive to manage their weight.

source: Reuters


By Aggeliki Koskeridou

Holistic Doctor – Counseling Psychotherapist

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

MSc Health Psychology

insta: dr_aggelikikoskeridou_official 


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