What influenced the decision to close schools and universities?

What influenced the decision to close schools and universities?

What’s the reason behind the decision to close all the educational institutions kindergartens and nurseries for two weeks in Greece? Recent scientific research shows that children who are infected with coronavirus show mild to no symptoms, but still carry a very high viral load. So even then, children have the capacity to actively participate in the transmission of the disease.



Although the social and economic costs involved are certainly significant, the decision to close was inevitable, especially in light of the above.


The last 24 hours have been clear evidence of children's involvement in the transmission of the disease. Thus, experts from the Committee of Experts of the Ministry of Health concluded that this measure could make a significant contribution to slowing down the spread of the virus and therefore requiring children to be restricted at home as much as possible.


Experts also find that the behavior of the virus has some unusual characteristics that make its spread unpredictable. And that's because the virus

- it can be transmitted by people with mild symptoms,

- hits vulnerable groups of the population,

- Complications occur after 5 or 6 days of mild illness.


In our country, experts expect the disease to escalate in the next 3 to 4 weeks. According to experts, the point is not to stick together, because a large part of the population is considered to be almost certain. Specifically, viruses recede when they meet a wall of immunity from 60% of the population that has already been infected.


Still under investigation is an important temperature-related factor. If estimates are confirmed that the new coronavirus is exterminated at temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius, then we expect a recession in May, but with a possible reappearance in October. But there is hope that a vaccine or some other effective drug response will be found.



Until the outbreak of the disease, the Ministry of Health estimates that the health system will be able to prepare. A meeting at the Ministry of Health finalized the plan for intensive care units that provides for the definition and use of entire NHS hospital units for COVID-19 incidents only. Private intensive care units will also be utilized for the treatment of serious non-coronary artery disease patients who will be transferred from public hospitals.


Experts estimate that in the outbreak of coronavirus the "burden" for ICUs will be proportional to that of influenza. It is noted that in the outbreak of influenza one fifth of ICU beds are covered by patients with complications of the disease.


By Dr Angel,

Aggeliki Koskeridou

Holistic Doctor – Counseling Psychotherapist

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

MSc Health Psychology


source: Kathimerini


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