What would the world be like IF - Global Call for Miracles | Dr Angeliki Koskeridou

What would the world be like IF - Global Call for Miracles | Dr Angeliki Koskeridou

We have often wondered what the world would be like IF between serious and funny, but it usually comes down to the joke and eventually it becomes just another brief discussion. So today I'm going to talk very seriously about what the world would be like IF, just to make you wonder a little deeper, smiling and not laughing.

So what if the if-people looked at themselves first and that's what you who are reading this article are starting to do first? What if you dare to observe yourself and see clearly how many times you judged people around you, you were jealous of their successes, belittled their personal achievements with a line like "He propably had acquaintances that helped him succeed." How many times, instead of looking at how you live your daily life, have you looked at what other people are doing?

It's reasonable that you allowed this to happen since you didn't know about this, but now that you are aware, what are you going to do about it?

What would happen if the if-people suddenly decided to become people and not if-people. Would they stop living on assumptions and start implementing all these beautiful things they have in their minds? What would happen if they could take responsibility for their choices, even if they knew they were wrong. Did they resolve to live with awareness and consciousness in their every move? Tired?

What if they decided to finally make the effort to make their dreams come true, instead of sitting back and watching others realize them. What if I told you that everything you dream about could be realized? What would happen if you guys realized I was serious? I wonder if you would start doing something about it or if you were wondering what this therapist claims and diminish the value and the power of exactly what I am telling you.

How many emotions would overwhelm you if you looked in the mirror and said to yourself YES I AM RIGHT AND WORTHY TO MAKE THIS DREAM REAL. Do you dare to try it?

What would happen IF you finally decided to step out of your safe zone and allow yourself to be wrong, to have feelings, to be afraid but, at the same time, to dare, to take risks and if you fall short to experience the consequences (without blaming the person next to you), to learn and try again and if you succeed to experience the joy, to love, to fall in love, everything, the person next to him, another person, his work, his life, everything. What would happen if on 1/11/2021 at 11:11 we all started together to realize this dream. What if we dare and we finally succeed?

Anyone who dares to participate in the global call I am pleased to share with you the instructions for participation. All that this instruction involves is to play theatre. Imagine your audience is your entire environment, everyone, even strangers. You don't have to do anything more than step into your role, not become your role. So it's okay if this feels foreign to you.


You don't have to be one with it, it's enough to just act like you're going on stage and you want to convince your audience of your role. If someone asks you are you participating in this call? You will say, "I am me and it's okay to be me. I am everything I want to be. ".  You will not refer to it so that you do not step out of your role.


Let's all contribute together to make the world a better place by improving ourselves!


  • The basic rule of thumb is to remember you have everything you want to have. You already have them (that's the role). Health, Abundance, Harmony, Love, Peace, Financial Abundance & Career Restoration and anything else you want to add as long as the intention is general and not specific. For example, if you ask to win the lottery I hear you can usually win it but at the same time something happens and you lose everything because it wasn't on your way to come up with that much money. Whereas if you say financial abundance the money you need will come. Trust the universe and your inner self. If you need help with this, please find us at the details below for support.
  • Start each day with positive intention by telling your inner self when you wake up in the morning the statement "I am grateful for all the goods and qualities you generously give me every day and for all the skills and tools I have available to realize my dreams. I have everything I need."
  • Also 3 times a day Morning-Noon-Evening before meal mention the statement and add whatever you want as in the 1st rule "I am grateful for my Mental & Physical Health, Wellbeing, Peace, Harmony, Love, my Financial and Professional Restoration, the people we are in sync and there is mutual understanding and for all the material and immaterial goods I receive generously every day."
  • You start your day as normal as usual except that you have put on your role which includes the following behaviours:
  • Positive disposition, I behave as if I had everything I need, friends, financial comfort, abundance, health, love, an ideal partner and everything else I would ideally like to have (Even if I don't have it.  We don't get occupied with that thought at all, we said I have what I want, that's the role.).
  • I also treat those around me as if they would treat me as I would like to be treated even if they don't. So you behave as if you are being treated in the best possible way and you are grateful for that. Repeat from within every time the statement "Thank you for appreciating me as a human being and showing me that at the first opportunity," You can say it out loud if you want as long as you mean it (not ironically).
  • When something negative happens around me or to me, I turn my attention to myself and ask myself with the statement, "Why do I allow this to happen to me? I don't need this anymore, and this negative energy is allowed to leave. "
  • Each statement needs to be said 3 times.
  • Also, another little tip that will help in the implementation is to think about what you would like and then ask yourself why you want that particular thing you thought of? If an example contains negative action, deceit or is intended to harm the other person in any way then this statement will not work. There is also a risk that this intention will be returned to you. Remember what we ask for comes back to us, so be careful what we ask for and how we ask for it. The universe is a mirror and we need to work well with ourselves to successfully use Miracle Materialization which is activated only with positive intent, is for the common good and can only bring about beneficial results for man and society.

The global Miracle Implementation start time is set at 11:11 (local time) on 1/11/2021 and ends on 11/11/2021 at the same time. It is repeated every year, starting this year.

You do not need letting me know you have joined but if you wish to join the global Miracle Implementation group for questions, comments and support in your role then join here: https://www. facebook. com/groups/299189061787178/

Akshara Devyani is the Sanskrit name of ProfDc Dr Koskeridou Angeliki or Dr Angel, related to the deity Saraswati and means the divine vehicle that leads you to Eternity. So one of the paths of Akshara Devyani is the transport (Number 5) of the "passengers" to divinity/eternity (Number 8). The Holistic 9-dimensional Holistic Therapy OLON Iasis includes energy balancing and upliftment for our transition to a higher better world!

Good Miracle Implementation to all!

Thank you!

Akshara Devyani


By Dr Angel,

Dr Koskeridou Aggeliki (ProfDc, MSc, MBA, BSc (Hons), HND, ND)

ProfDc Psychotherapy, MSc Health Psychology, Naturopathic Doctor

AIU Dean & Director, Clinical Professor, Inventor, Holistic Therapist, ΟΛΟΝ™ Ίασης Founder


Insta: @Dr_AggelikiKoskeridou_Official

T.: +30 215 215 1990

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